BALKONZEPT flower box, tells you something ?

Balkonzept is a simply brilliant idea created by a designer dedicated to maximizing indoor as well as outdoor living spaces.

With customers all over the world, the Balkonzept is attracting more and more followers in North America. From Berlin to Montreal, Paris to New York, Stockholm to Chicago or L.A.  – the Balkonzept is everywhere and here for you!

Are you living in an apartment or condominium and looking for more space? Are you unable to change or enlarge your balcony or terrace? If so, Balkonzept is designed for you!

In less than 60 seconds, Balkonzept extends your work and play areas without taking up precious floor space. It’s the perfect way to enlarge any part of your house without having to demolish and rebuild anything.

Multifunctional and colorful, robust and elegant, easy to maintain – Balkonzept is durable and resists the many whims of Mother Nature. Balkonzept fits most balconies, terraces and patios. You can even use it on the fence around your pool or yard. Another great way to enjoy beautiful sunny days!

Owners and tenants appreciate its sleek design, perfectly suited for any indoor or outdoor space. Balkonzept adds color to your life and is a must for the urban lifestyle.


A Flower box can be multifunctional!

You live in an urban environment to be near shops, restaurants and other activities. But this proximity sometimes requires compromises. You like to enjoy sunny days in your garden, but your living space does not really offer you the opportunity to do so. It is sometimes difficult to arrange outdoor areas with as much accessible space as possible. Balconies come in various sizes and shapes. Some are just not big enough. If you own such a space, wouldn’t it be great to plant some flowers or herbs? There’s no better way to smell the aroma of flowers in the morning. Traditional flower boxes can take up too much room. They’re great but where are you going to put a table and chairs or anything else you want on the balcony? Balkonzept solves this problem. The built-in rear tray allows you to grow your favorite flowers and herbs without any floor space. More room without any effort. That’s why Balkonzept is perfect for you! The multifunctionality of the Balkonzept integrates a work surface allowing you to maintain your indoor plants and water them outdoors. The Balkonzept offers you a unique solution that allows you to combine your interest in gardening while enjoying beautiful sunny days.


Railing planters are a great way to optimize small spaces.

You chose the urban lifestyle? You live in an apartment or condominium?
Balconies and patios come in various sizes and shapes. Balkonzept works nicely with most of them. If someone were to ask you to describe an ideal railing planter, what would come to your mind? Probably nothing that comes close to the reality of Balkonzept. Of course you can put a table on your balcony or patio. You can even set up a planter. However, can you imagine having both without using any floor space? What a great way to expand your outdoor living area. Suitable for city dwellers, this elegant device is perfect for those who want to optimize their small balconies or patios. Enjoying a fresh coffee early in the morning, having lunch with a friend or simply reading outdoors on a bright and sunny day. That’s what Balkonzept is all about!


Looking for modern outdoor planters ?

Did you know that more than 15 million people were self-employed in the US in 2015, accounting for more than 10% of the workerforce? For many, this requires setting up a work area or office at home. However, many homes do not have the space required. Moreover, on sunny days it’s not always easy to keep your motivation working inside.
This is where the multifunctionality of the Balkonzept comes in. Who says you can’t work from home while enjoying beautiful days? The work surface allows you to use electronic devices such as a tablet or your computer. Its stylish design incorporates a useful rear compartment for pencils, papers or other documents required for your work. Would you prefer to add color to your work environment? No problem! Add your favorite flowers and plants to Balkonzept. At lunchtime, your work space can also be transformed into a side table to enjoy your meal. What more could you ask for ?

BALKONZEPT ® fits your lifestyle


  • As a laptop table
  • As a flowerbox
  • To grow herbs
  • For cocktails
  • For luncheon
  • To do homework
  • Requires no floor space

The multi-functionality of Balkonzept flower box is perfectly suited for urban gardeners and self-employed workers, surface being large enough for devices such as tablet or computer. At lunch time, transform your work space into a table to enjoy a meal.

Colorful and stylish, Balkonzept rear compartment can be used to grow herbs for BBQ. By the pool, fill it with ice cubes and get prepared for happy hour!

Installed in less than 60 seconds, owners and tenants love its sleek design. The Balkonzept flower box fits your lifestyle. Exclusively in United States & Canada at

What CLIENTS says …

We are loving our Balkonzept. YULZIP provided us with a friendly and prompt service, quality products arrived in a timely manner, I am already talking about it !
Nicole, Wisconsin
Terrific, sturdy and stylish design, delivered swiftly !
David, NYC
We are very satisfied with the quality of the product and the timeliness of delivery.
Jacky, CA

Easy SET-UP …

Let me show you how simple it is to install.

  • NO nails, NO tools required.
  • First, you simply insert it over the railing or fence, you can even use it indoor if you want.
  • Then, you adjust the level of table using the adjustment screw here and fix it to the baluster using the preinstalled attach.
  • Finally, all you need to do is to secure the Balkonzept to the railing or fence using hidden  preinstalled attachments.

Its very simple, just follow instructions provided. That’s it ! It takes less than a minute to set up. My Balkonzept was delivered to my door step in less than a week !

Cooking YOURS ?

One at a time like a cake… carefully manufacturing you Balkonzept !

Recyclable plastic powder is packed into a mold which is then placed into a high-temperature oven which turns on two axes. The powder melts, leaving a layer of plastic on the inside surface of the mould. Like cooking a cake, the mould is then cooled to allow the plastic to solidify. Finally, the mould is opened to free the perfectly formed piece that has just been produced.

During the manufacture of the piece, a multitude of elements can be included such as: metal threaded inserts, molded threads, openings, graphics, etc.

Balkonzept Flower Box - Color Red

Around the WORLD ?

This unique balcony railing table and flower box designed by Berlin architect and designer Michael Hilgers is manufactured in North America. Made of recyclable materials, its clever design is suitable for most terraces, patios and balconies railings. Quick delivery, low shipping fees.